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Teacher Hub - Productivity and planning centralised to improve a teachers workflow.

This template powered by Notion aims to centralise your work as a teacher into one workspace.


Teacher Calendar: A powerful, easy to use calendar which centralises your day to day activities as a teacher

My Teacher Planner: To-do Lists, Planning setting/schedulles, Marking schedulles and Student Assessment schedulles which are all automatically added to the Teacher calendar when created to keep track and manage your every day life.

Trackers and Resources: Track the progress of each Year groups classes for all the Subjects which you teach featuring a mapped view of Individual Lessons and Units - also create and store each Units lessons directly, or link them to a cloud storage drive such as Google Drive/Classroom or Microsoft Onedrive.

Mentor Group: View your daily mentor activities, and your Mentor Folder

Meetings: Schedulle, invite, note and record Meetings into each of the individual meeting types (1:1, Department, Student, Training and Mentor). Similar to the tracker, these meetings will also be automatically added to the Teacher Calendar for centralised management.

Notebook: A Notebook where Books, Folders and pages can be cross-related to each of the other features listed to record mass data.

Classes and Year Groups: record essential information about your classes and year groups

Timetable: Snapchot or record your timetable into the table on the homepage for a quick glance at what you are teaching next


Additional Product Information:

Stop using different diaries, calendars, sticky notes, to-do lists, note books, folders, lesson trackers and more.

Product Information: This is Teachers hub, created by Connor Parsons. Teacher Hub provides a centralised environment to seamlessly plan your every day life as a teacher. Keep track of all of your classes and their progress across multiple subjects. Use the teacher planner to set assignments, to do lists, plan lessons, and allocate marking schedules whilst relating all of these different options to specific classes and subjects - All of this is then synchronised together into a calendar view to remind you when your deadlines are. The notebook relates directly to any class, assignment, meeting, subject, marking or lesson planning template which you may use. Set up a different variety of meeting types for each of these categories. Set up your classes and year groups to relate any of the above directly to them. And Finally, the mentor page is a centralised space to keep information about your mentor group. Essentially, Teacher HUB allows you to keep track of your workload and free your memory, providing the grounds for you to be an extremely organised and productive teacher. I hope you enjoy my template. Feedback is greatly appreciated to continue to update and improve your experience for free.

Windows, Mac and Mobile versions supported by Notion and optimised for Teachers Hub.

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A full template of Teacher Hub in Notion which can be duplicated to suit your specific teaching requirements.

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Teacher Hub - Notion Template

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